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Millwrights Local 1163 was established on May 24th, 1960, by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America to cater to the Millwright Jurisdiction in 50 counties in Upstate New York. Our union boasts of being home to over 600 skilled members, and it represents various shops across its jurisdictional area.

The millwright is a vastly skilled craftsman – well-versed in the installation, erection, and maintenance of plant and production machinery. In addition, the millwrights’ job entails precision alignment and leveling, rigging, welding, and constructing bases while erecting the machinery. Corporate production millwrights require innovativeness and creativity when troubleshooting machinery, minimizing plant downtimes.

As the industry advances, it becomes crucial to equip mechanics with modern skills that will enable our contractors and clients to compete. Consequently, our leadership team and members undertake technical and safety training, as well as a cultural shift towards becoming constructive thinkers and skilled mechanics. This training ensures that members are well-equipped with contemporary business skills that enable them to take ownership and tackle industry challenges effectively.

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