About Us

Millwrights Local 1163 was chartered May 24th 1960, by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America.  As of 2001, Local 1163 covers the Millwright Jurisdiction in 50 counties in Upstate New York. We represent over 600 members, including various shops across our jurisdiction. 

The Millwright is a craftsman that is skilled in the erection, installation, and maintenance of production and plant machinery.  Millwright work includes tasks of rigging, precision leveling and alignment, building bases and, erecting machinery which may involve welding. 

Millwrights in the high pressure profession of corporate production also need to be innovative and creative when troubleshooting production equipment to reduce or eliminate machinery or plant down time.

As the industry that we support made advances it took special attention to provide our mechanics with the skills that would make our contractors and their clients competitive. Our leadership team and membership not only train in technical and safety skills but also in a culture change to be constructive thinkers as well as skillful mechanics.  This means educating our members on modern day obstacles of the business so they can take some of this ownership.