Officer Election Results
Published on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

These are the results for the Officer Nominations & Elections held

June 9, 2020 at the the Union Hall.

 Officer Position Name   Elected Date  Term
 President  Thomas J. Cole 6/9/2020   7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Vice-President  Zachary A. Middleton 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Financial Secretary  Rodney D. Richer, Jr. 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Recording Secretary  Kyle T. Toth 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Treasurer  Brian T. Scruton 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Trustee  Theodore P. Harrison 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Trustee  Ryan P. Barber 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Trustee  Ted L. Wightman 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Conductor  Keith C. Lanzelotti 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Warden  Luke Rehm 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Delegate to the Council  Ryan P. Barber 6/9/2020   7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Delegate to the Council  Thomas J. Cole 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Delegate to the Council  Zachary A. Middleton 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Delegate to the Council  Luke Rehm 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Delegate to the Council  Rodney D. Richer, Jr. 6/9/2020   7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Delegate to the Council  Kyle T. Toth 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023
 Delegate to the Council  Brian T. Scruton 6/9/2020  7/1/2020-6/30/2023


Millwrights Local 1163's Website

Welcome to the new and improved website for Millwrights Local 1163.  Millwrights are a specialized skilled group in installing and maintaining today’s machinery.  Local 1163 serve the industry and protect the integrity of the Millwright trade in 50 counties in the upstate New York area.

This website was developed as an information exchange for the members of 1163 and also to highlight the skills, professionalism, and safety oriented of our tradesmen.  The modern day Millwright possesses skills in mechanics, theory, rigging, safety procedures and troubleshooting.